Monday, December 7, 2009

kill or be killed

One of the biggest disgrace to this world is how easy we can kill another human being which is the same as us. There is not a day that goes by that a person isn't murdered. Ihad more of a negitive out look of this film . i felt it made my race and gender look angry and ignorrant . Im growing up in a nieghborhood were this is every day life. Gang violence is on the rise as the years past by . The statistics of gang violence has risen so much that they check the death toll every decade. from 1999 to 2009 gang violence and deaths have equality went up by 37%. This will be an on going scenario until the communtiy and the law inforcement come to an agreement. we must have respect for eachother as of our race and humanity.
As show in the film CRIPs and bloods, this was a cry out for help. The members of the community felt as if they were being abused by the mistreatment of the law inforcement. This is what finnaly sparked the first real gang. These were gentlemen that made a bond to have each others backs to protect one another an family. Many riots broke out from police officers rasist acts ,car stopping and on going harrasment. As O.G chaz williams said "you can push a person so far but you have to realise they will push back ". there has been times were i have felt as if i was a statistic waitin to happen . The state used a billion of tax payers money to build 40, 000 new jail beds to house criminals

Monday, November 23, 2009

decison making and morality

All it takes is one second to change a life time. the human body is made to go through many changes and go down many harmful roads. the saying goes " always go with your first thoughts", does anyone no what is the actual wrong or right decision ? every decision needs to be made in good of another person or for the good of one's self. wrong decisions are made by selfish acts.
I remember 1 time i had to decide weather to use condoms or not.
it was a normal day after school as i took one of my home girls on a tour of my home. i knew what i wanted from her but u had to make it look like we were just at my house to look around and relax a little bit. few minutes went by as the mood lightened up i made my move like a tiger the jungle. this is when it finally hit me to put t he condom on or rush right in like a quarter back and get to touch her down (metaphor).
In down these mean streets by piri Thomas . we see piri decide to walk into fight.
this could have been avoided many different ways he could have simply changed directions . cross the street etc. piri took it upon himself to never be picked on again. he faced his fear and fought the leader and won. piri was looked at as the leader from then on.
According to Lawrence kolbergs theory of moral development, i would place my decision to use the condom at stage number 1 i say that because i would place piri's decision at stage 3 which was a peer pressure situation.
In conclusion it only takes one second to make a wrong life long decision . you must choose wisely and make judgements of you first instinct." Don't make you first decision your worst decision which may cause your last decision made". Take life one day at a time and think about your decision making

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

lawrence kolberg and the theory of moral development

The hood is hard place to survive as the fast life moves around you. i live by the rule of the streets aother day another dollar . does anyone really stop to see how willl you get that dolllar for the next day . i stop and think what is a fast come up in these streets i call home? Theres always the option of car theft, robbery , breaking an entering , selling drugs etc. shit thats a great idea ill sell drugs whats the charge for a little possestion of weed what do i do ?

  1. i cant do this if my moms finds out ill be grounded
  2. i have to do this shit for myself . uncle sam dont give a shit about me . M O.l
  3. i already told my homeboys that i have weed for sale . if i dont acculy get it they'll clown me
  4. what if these punk ass cops catch me . im not going back
  5. i have to show these dam bill collectors this dam system that theres people out here that have to huslte for there money. this cause drug dealers like me .
  6. i cant harm another human life with my drugs just to have money for the moment .

    Lawrence Kohlberg (October 25, 1927 – January 19, 1987) was an American psychologist born in Bronxville, New York, who served as a professor at the University of Chicago, as well as Harvard University. Having specialized in research on moral education and reasoning, he is best known for his theory of stages of moral development
  7. Stages 1. Obedience and Punishment (How can I avoid punishment?)2. Self-Interest (What's in it for me? You do for me, I’ll do for you. You do that to me, I’ll do that to you)3. Interpersonal Accord and Conformity (Conforming to the will of the group. Peer Pressure)4. Authority and social-order maintaining orientation (Law and order morality. You do something or don’t do something because the law/rule/religious text says so)5. Social Contract (Laws are regarded as social contracts rather than rigid dictums/rules)6. Universal Ethical Principles/The Golden Rule (Principled conscience/commitment to justice, equality and respect…think Jesus, Dr. King, Ghandi)

Monday, November 9, 2009


when one race thinks its better or more suppirior than another race.

unfair treatment of a person or group based upon there race, class , gender, religion, sexual oriantation, appearance, age , etc

Thursday, November 5, 2009

lit log number 2

piri is goin threw some touch times trying to grow up and put a nickel in his hand. piri is more of a tough minded kid looking for help of guidence from the streets. Its easy to understand the road piri took in proforming theft. piri like any other hard working teen felt robbed from the streets he lived on . theivery is right in any situation and the road piri took was wrong but also understandable. he showed effort as he worked shinning shoes spending time to get the customers satisfaction . when piri felt robbed for maybe the first real time in his life he thought to basically steal (rob) back. mr big tipper really was surpose to give piri much more for wat he did by going the extra mile shinning his shoes. As piri thought of it he was being robbed in his own streets of harlem for his efforts.

How would i handle it.
Me being the hard working person that i am i would have stop to think . my thoughts would have been to relocate to a different spot with higher income clients. I would have maybe worked in the city maybe left my nighborhood. the saying goes sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get were you have to go. this meaning for you to reach the top you may have to do things out the ordinary. its about your sruggle and your determination to reach there

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

writing a lead

ONE foggy afternoon 1 oclock in the morning november 1st there was a young man ending his shift at work . As he walked threw the dark hollow tunnels of central park he is watched like hawk. three thugs approach from the mans front side and rear. One thug reach's and takes the mans wallet out his pocket. "So why the fuck you so far from Brooklyn MR David Ross" one of the thugs says in a trembling voice. MR Ross a 10 year moi tai fighter replies " lets have a little fun shall we i love the mourning after Halloween" .

reflection - behavior of the streets

Many parents pride themselves on teaching there child good behavior in the streets. There are proper standards that need to be followed while in the streets . Certain behavior as good street smart or having street manners no verbal profanity and slang. One of the main reasons for street smart is to keep yourself safe an also helping you no your surroundings .

do ' s and don't s of the streets
watch street profanity ( children of all ages)
no use of drugs
street violence ( black on black crime) etc
present yourself as you represent your family

help out more in your community
help do better for others around you
keep streets clean
help a women in need

There are many young minds that are paying attention to the streets they see around them . If more people change there actions on the streets future minds will be shaped on the good of the streets. The negative outlook has to change to better our selves and the streets we SHARE.