Monday, December 7, 2009

kill or be killed

One of the biggest disgrace to this world is how easy we can kill another human being which is the same as us. There is not a day that goes by that a person isn't murdered. Ihad more of a negitive out look of this film . i felt it made my race and gender look angry and ignorrant . Im growing up in a nieghborhood were this is every day life. Gang violence is on the rise as the years past by . The statistics of gang violence has risen so much that they check the death toll every decade. from 1999 to 2009 gang violence and deaths have equality went up by 37%. This will be an on going scenario until the communtiy and the law inforcement come to an agreement. we must have respect for eachother as of our race and humanity.
As show in the film CRIPs and bloods, this was a cry out for help. The members of the community felt as if they were being abused by the mistreatment of the law inforcement. This is what finnaly sparked the first real gang. These were gentlemen that made a bond to have each others backs to protect one another an family. Many riots broke out from police officers rasist acts ,car stopping and on going harrasment. As O.G chaz williams said "you can push a person so far but you have to realise they will push back ". there has been times were i have felt as if i was a statistic waitin to happen . The state used a billion of tax payers money to build 40, 000 new jail beds to house criminals