Wednesday, October 28, 2009

writing a lead

ONE foggy afternoon 1 oclock in the morning november 1st there was a young man ending his shift at work . As he walked threw the dark hollow tunnels of central park he is watched like hawk. three thugs approach from the mans front side and rear. One thug reach's and takes the mans wallet out his pocket. "So why the fuck you so far from Brooklyn MR David Ross" one of the thugs says in a trembling voice. MR Ross a 10 year moi tai fighter replies " lets have a little fun shall we i love the mourning after Halloween" .

reflection - behavior of the streets

Many parents pride themselves on teaching there child good behavior in the streets. There are proper standards that need to be followed while in the streets . Certain behavior as good street smart or having street manners no verbal profanity and slang. One of the main reasons for street smart is to keep yourself safe an also helping you no your surroundings .

do ' s and don't s of the streets
watch street profanity ( children of all ages)
no use of drugs
street violence ( black on black crime) etc
present yourself as you represent your family

help out more in your community
help do better for others around you
keep streets clean
help a women in need

There are many young minds that are paying attention to the streets they see around them . If more people change there actions on the streets future minds will be shaped on the good of the streets. The negative outlook has to change to better our selves and the streets we SHARE.

Friday, October 23, 2009

double entry

this book has really captured my attention in more of an ambivalent type of connnection. i feel its more of a love hate for this book . i understand the readers point of view and we are some what simular in many ways .

do' s donts
strong head on no dry snitchin,

get a good job no drug dealin

Thursday, October 22, 2009


THIS novel shows us how piri is a mistreated young man . how he recievs the worst end of the stick at most times . piri has concerns of his father not caring about his wereabouts. there were many insidents that help explain his feeling towards his parents. the mournin piri came home 3 oclock , his father told him to say hi to his friends and go to his bed. this is why piri is a angry little pueto rican as he calls himself . in one scene piri as a growing young man was exposed to seing junkies in an alley shooting up ( entering drugs into there bodies ). i can really relate to piri in this case because i have to seen people killing them selves with theses drugs .

Friday, October 9, 2009

Gang Violence

THERE are many different definitions for the term gang . A gang can be a symbolism of pure destruction . IT can also be defined as a body of people coming together as one. ONE thing that its for a most definite a gang member will stick up (have his or her back)for the other member . Over the years this so call term" having your back" started an epidemic an is out of control . This has started gang violence all over the world. Gangs are large bodies of human beings that have each others back sell drugs, steal and kill as a family. COPS all over are having trouble stopping the uncontrollable violence being spread across the nation. They try by enforcing gang task force teams to try and crack down on the drug selling and local homicides. Many officers notice areas being graffiti-ed ( tagged , bombed) with codes for gang members and marking territory. Gang have spread all across the world to be exact. Packs are being formed by the day.

nations nation gang

hati zoe pound
jamaica showa posy
italians moffia
new york crips , bloods, Latin king, folks , hover etc

Gang members are not to be the blame for the satanic crimes committed. leaders hold the most power and send out acts that's need to be performed. Scared members perform these acts because they are mostly frightened by the pass members that did not perform as tasked. gangs have many different positions that have to be filled for the gang to run correctly. there are members that help in the production of making drugs, members that are the drug runners ( move drugs in the neighborhood) , then you have the enforcers who cause havoc homicides and assaults and the O G ( original gangster) . the O G has the job of being the man that every1 comes to . He is most likely to be the wildest person in the group and most the times the 1 that's in jail .

how do the O G's run a gang from jail ?????

They send out messages called " kites " . this informs the members of there status,( the role they play in the gang) hits to be put out, (people he wants killed on the outside) and mostly money options( how the gang makes ) . These kites have codes planted through the whole letter of movements the gangs must make no if ands or but . for ex : worK Is heLL . tHis Is Mayham . AS you can see the letter looks like the person is talkin about hardship in the jail , when he is really sending a hit that says Kill him .

Friday, October 2, 2009

week reflection . october 2 . 2009

There has been many reflection highlights of this week for me . i would like to talk about the most important event. this week Monday September 29th i lost my first job . i felt this was a down fall in my determination and dedication to my job . i took the lost as a way to move on to bigger and better things . now i have a interview for MACY S starting at 8 dollars an hour.