Wednesday, October 28, 2009

reflection - behavior of the streets

Many parents pride themselves on teaching there child good behavior in the streets. There are proper standards that need to be followed while in the streets . Certain behavior as good street smart or having street manners no verbal profanity and slang. One of the main reasons for street smart is to keep yourself safe an also helping you no your surroundings .

do ' s and don't s of the streets
watch street profanity ( children of all ages)
no use of drugs
street violence ( black on black crime) etc
present yourself as you represent your family

help out more in your community
help do better for others around you
keep streets clean
help a women in need

There are many young minds that are paying attention to the streets they see around them . If more people change there actions on the streets future minds will be shaped on the good of the streets. The negative outlook has to change to better our selves and the streets we SHARE.

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