Monday, November 23, 2009

decison making and morality

All it takes is one second to change a life time. the human body is made to go through many changes and go down many harmful roads. the saying goes " always go with your first thoughts", does anyone no what is the actual wrong or right decision ? every decision needs to be made in good of another person or for the good of one's self. wrong decisions are made by selfish acts.
I remember 1 time i had to decide weather to use condoms or not.
it was a normal day after school as i took one of my home girls on a tour of my home. i knew what i wanted from her but u had to make it look like we were just at my house to look around and relax a little bit. few minutes went by as the mood lightened up i made my move like a tiger the jungle. this is when it finally hit me to put t he condom on or rush right in like a quarter back and get to touch her down (metaphor).
In down these mean streets by piri Thomas . we see piri decide to walk into fight.
this could have been avoided many different ways he could have simply changed directions . cross the street etc. piri took it upon himself to never be picked on again. he faced his fear and fought the leader and won. piri was looked at as the leader from then on.
According to Lawrence kolbergs theory of moral development, i would place my decision to use the condom at stage number 1 i say that because i would place piri's decision at stage 3 which was a peer pressure situation.
In conclusion it only takes one second to make a wrong life long decision . you must choose wisely and make judgements of you first instinct." Don't make you first decision your worst decision which may cause your last decision made". Take life one day at a time and think about your decision making

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