Thursday, November 5, 2009

lit log number 2

piri is goin threw some touch times trying to grow up and put a nickel in his hand. piri is more of a tough minded kid looking for help of guidence from the streets. Its easy to understand the road piri took in proforming theft. piri like any other hard working teen felt robbed from the streets he lived on . theivery is right in any situation and the road piri took was wrong but also understandable. he showed effort as he worked shinning shoes spending time to get the customers satisfaction . when piri felt robbed for maybe the first real time in his life he thought to basically steal (rob) back. mr big tipper really was surpose to give piri much more for wat he did by going the extra mile shinning his shoes. As piri thought of it he was being robbed in his own streets of harlem for his efforts.

How would i handle it.
Me being the hard working person that i am i would have stop to think . my thoughts would have been to relocate to a different spot with higher income clients. I would have maybe worked in the city maybe left my nighborhood. the saying goes sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get were you have to go. this meaning for you to reach the top you may have to do things out the ordinary. its about your sruggle and your determination to reach there

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